Patient Library

Naturopathic Testing Facilities:

What is a Natural Product Number? – Supplement Safety

Health Food & Supplement Supply Stores in Toronto:

  1. The Big Carrot Dispensary Greektown | P: 416.466.8432
  2. NOAH’s Natural Foods – 5 locations in Toronto
  3. Tutti Frutti – Kensington Market | P: 416.593.9281
  4. Essence of Life Organics Kensington Market | P: 416.506.0345
  5. Qi Natural Health Korea Town, Roncesvalles and Ellington
  6. Ambrosia Vaughn, Newmarket, Thornhill
  7. The Sweet Potato The Junction | P: 416.762.4848
  8. The Wholesome Market – The Beaches | P: 416.690.9500
  9. Herbs & Nutrition – P: 647.348.8064
  10. Healthy Planet Scarborough, North York, Picketing, Markham, Mississauga, Etobicoke and Greektown | P: 416.465.9998
  11. Riverdale Homeopathy 1331 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario | P: 416.778.0085, 1.877.913.3370
  12. Smith’s Pharmacy Yonge and Lawrence | P: 800.361.6624
  13. Body Mind Science  BMS @ Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) (North York) | P: 416.502.2665


  1. Food Journal
  2. Nutrition Data – helpful resource to know what nutrient content is in your food
  3. Environmental Working Group – Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 A extremely useful site for navigating non-toxic consumer choices

Healthy Food Delivery

  1. Farms & Forks – GTA’s only fully Organic E-Market
  2. Chowdy
  3. GreenZebraMeals


  1. Nourished Kitchen
  2. Nourishing Meals
  3. Broth recipes
  4. Juice recipes
  5. Whole Kids Foundation
  6. Saving Dinner – Create custom menus and shopping lists based on your health goals and personal tastes

Gluten Free / Diary Free Resources

  1. Gluten Free Goddess
  2. Celiac Association
  3. Gluten Free Guideline
  4. Kid Friendly ADD & Autism Cookbook
  5. Elana’s Pantry
  6. Restaurants with gluten free options (including chains)
  7. All things Vegan
  8. My Whole Food Life
  9. Paleo Mom – a Paleo approach to mothering

Children’s Nutrition

  1. Weelicious
  2. Sprout Right
  3. Rainbow Eating
  4. Whole Life Nutrition


  1. Dream Team Baby – Effective and compassionate sleep training model with sample sleep schedules
  2. Healthy Child, Healthy World – Protect your children from the toxic exposures they face on a daily basis
  3. Happy Healthy Child – a holistic approach for all parents to be
  4. Fearless Parent – A forum for discussion of thoughtful parent-based, rather than doctor, media, or corporate-based pregnancy and childcare wisdom
  5. KellyMom – Breastfeeding resource
  6. Ontario Midwives – Experts in normal pregnancy, birth and newborn care
  7. Dr. Jack Newman – International Breastfeeding Centre (North York)
  8. National Vaccine Information Centre (US) – Independent clearinghouse for disease and vaccine information
  9. Vaccine Choice Canada – Your Child. Your Future. Your Choice
  10. A greater good Movie Vaccine Resource – A parent-friendly resource for science-based information around vaccination
  11. Honest Company – Non-toxic baby and household products, at a discount
  12. Wellness Mamma – Mother of five gives tips as to how to lead the healthiest lifestyle and make it fun!
  13. Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide: How to Make Safe, Sensible Decisions about the Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives by Aviva Romm
  14. Naturally Healthy Babies and Children: A Commonsense Guide to Herbal Remedies, Nutrition, and Health by Aviva Romm


  1. Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance
  2. ADHD Alternatives: A Natural Approach to Treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder by Aviva Romm and Tracy Romm


  1. Women’s Mental Health Center – Consensus guidelines regarding medication treatment in pregnancy and lactation
  2. Reproductive Toxicology Center – The effects of medications, chemicals, infections, and physical agents on pregnancy, reproduction and development
  3. The Eclectic Materia Medica Pharmacology and Therapeutics by Harvey Wickes 
  4. The Natural Pregnancy Book by Aviva Romm 
  5. Pre-Post Natal Fitness – Home-based practice for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery (always consult with Health Care Practitioner)
  6. Natural Health After Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness by Aviva Romm
  7. The Natural Pregnancy Book, Third Edition: Your Complete Guide to a Safe, Organic Pregnancy and Childbirth with Herbs, Nutrition, and Other Holistic Choices by Aviva Romm and Ina May Gaskin
  8. Kgoal - kGoal is a ground-breaking advance in pelvic floor fitness. It is an interactive training system (device + free smart phone app) for female pelvic floor exercise

Mental Emotional Health

  1. Heart Math Institute
  2. HeartMath EMWave – Transform your stress response by visualizing it
  3. 5 Love Languages
  4. Toxic Psychiatry – Dr. Peter Breggin exposes the dangers of the psychiatric model
  5. Beyond Meds – A resource for help with recovery from medication treatment: alternatives to psychiatry
  6. Muse : the brain sensing headband – A brain sensing biofeedback headband to take meditation to the next level
  7. Deepak Chopra – Mindfulless Meditation
  8. Dr. Gabor Mate – Incredible books to explore (In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With AddictionHold On To Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than PeersWhen the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden StressScattered Minds: A New Look at the Origins and Healing of Attention Disorder


  1. Squatty Potty
  2. Non-Hormonal Birth Control – Daysy will help plan/prevent pregnancy with 99.3% accuracy.
  3. Teeccino – Coffee Alternative
  4. National Sleep Foundation
  5. Sound Conditioner – better sleep for the whole family
  6. DAMIVA – Natural female lubricant
  7. YogaGLO – Yoga @ home
  8. Think Dirty – Non-toxic cosmetics
  9. SkinDeep – EWG non-toxic products
  10. Zoya natural nail polish – Ultra long wearing, top 5 toxins-free nail polish (without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phalate and camphor)