What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care with a pro-active approach that combines cutting edge natural medical therapies with thousands of years of traditional medicine and serves to target the root cause of dis-ease and strengthen the self-healing process.



A Naturopathic Doctor has a number of tools in their medical toolbox from which are chosen on an individual basis depending on presenting concerns. These therapies are commonly used in conjunction with each other as well as with conventional medical treatments.

Botanical Medicine: uses phytochemical components of plants to create herbal preparations that have very beneficial effects in treating ailments. By using the whole plant rather than isolated chemicals found in pharmaceuticals, there are far fewer potential side effects with a comparable benefit.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture: Traditional Chinese Medicine acknowledges the influence one body system may have on another, rather than examining them in isolation. Using acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle changes, the dynamic balance of these systems can be restored. 

Nutritional Medicine: Food is medicine! We are what we eat - focusing on optimizing nutrition and the dramatic influence food can have in treating ailments from a molecular level.

Orthomolecular Medicine: Also know as Nutritional Supplements. Vitamin and minerals can be pivotal in restoring health. Naturopathic doctors are highly trained in ensuring research-based therapeutic doses to treat a wide variety of conditions to feel better and stay well. 

Homeopathic Medicine: Remedies are selected to restore health based on how a disease is specifically manifesting within a person’s body. It is nontoxic and may be applied in both acute and chronic conditions.

Lifestyle Medicine: This may involve exercise, meditation, mindfulness, emotional health and counselling, lifestyle choices, environmental medicine education, health app recommendations, amongst others. The idea is to reach wellness in a sustainable way for the long term and that means integrating health into your daily life.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit a Naturopathic Doctor